Weekend Recap: January 30th – February 1st

Last weekend already feels like a blur. It marked the end of January (my least favorite month) and ushered in February – a month that, in my mind, marks the end of the worst of winter.  So, what did I get up to? Nothing too adventurous… a little hike, a movie night, a pedicure, and the Super Bowl (re: halftime show).  It was a nice little low-key local weekend and I was happy to get a chance to catch up on some sleep after having a cold for most of January.  Here’s a recap below of where I went, what I did, and who I saw…


Friday night:

  • Dinner in (I made soba noodle veggie bowls with Thai peanut sauce).
  • Movie date night to see American Sniper.  We never used to go to the movies, but since I’ve been pregnant, we’ve been going a lot more (I have developed a love for movie theatre popcorn, even though I know it’s gross). It helps that you can now reserve your seat in advance online too! I love that, it’s so civilized.  The movie itself was partly good, partly cheesy… overall decent. And sad.


  • We wanted to go snowshoeing on one of the local mountains, but there was no snow so we switched plans and instead did an easy hike/nature walk on the North Shore.  We did the 8km Cedar Mills & Headwaters trail loop leaving from Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and it was a good reminder that there is so much to do in our backyard year round.
  • Back downtown and after a shower and a blowdry, we met 8 of our friends at Rodney’s Oyster House for oysters and drinks.  Sadly I’m not supposed to eat raw oysters at the moment (waaaaaah!), so I settled for crab cakes, curry coconut shrimp, and a virgin caesar.  I have now added oysters to my increasingly long list of things I can’t wait to consume in June! (Oysters, wine, sashimi, charcuterie…basically I am insisting on a decadent feast in the delivery room)
  • Post dinner/drinks, we went to our friends I and V’s place with G and K for ice cream, drinks, and a movie.  We watched Fury, which made my weekend very heavy (too heavy) on war movies.  The rest of February will only be chick flicks and comedies.


  • Met up with my friend R for a morning coffee and a snack at JJ Bean in Yaletown, then we went down the block to La Lotus Nail Spa for pedicures.  She needed one for her upcoming trip to Vegas, and I just tagged a long and got one too because why not (at least my toes will look pretty in yoga, right?).  I always choose colors in the pink or red range, so I decided to switch things up and chose a violet shade.  Living on the wild side, I know.
  • Shopping in Kits along West 4th Ave.  I struck out and didn’t find anything I liked, despite trying a lot of stuff on. Oh well, better for my wallet that way I guess.
  • Home to quickly whip up a batch of hummus to take to K and N’s Super Bowl party.
  • Super Bowl XLIX – I have to admit, while football is frequently on in the background at our house, I don’t often pay close attention.  I do, however, enjoy watching the super bowl and the halftime show. I also really like the socializing and the junk food that goes along with it. K and N had about 17 or so people over and N made the best nachos. Which reminded me, despite living off of nachos in law school, it’s been forever since I’ve had them and I should change that. I liked Katy Perry’s halftime performance, but was disappointed later to learn that John Mayer was there with her. Eww. That guy is gross and I can’t understand how he’s managed to sleep with so many young and beautiful women. But anyway, let’s talk about the actual A-listers in the stadium: Tom Brady and Gisele Bunchden. Top-tier celebrity power couples are rare.  I’m talking about when both people in the relationship are a really big deal.  Beyonce and Jay-Z, Brad and Angelina, and Tom and Gisele.  Can you imagine how amazing Tom and Gisele’s lives are? What it’s like to be their kids? I think if I could trade lives with anyone for a week, it might be Gisele. As far as I know she loves being a mom, does lots of yoga, and has the best hair.  Sign me up.

So there it is, last weekend in a nutshell.

Up next, a busy but fun week ahead, including pre-natal bootcamp, a double-date with A and N at one of my favorites, Nicli Antica Pizzeria, volunteer meetings for Leave Out Violence (LOVE) BC, gelato and hot chocolate at Bella Gelateria in Yaletown (gestational diabetes, here I come) with B and her baby W, and then a quick visit with my mom and dad.

Hope you had a good weekend and a good week!




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