Gift Ideas: Valentine’s Day

Like it or not (I know there are some strong opinions on this holiday), Valentine’s Day is just one week away. If you’re in a relationship, that means it’s time to turn your mind to it if you haven’t already. I actually like this holiday – there’s something nice about taking the time to celebrate love and to have a romantic night. My ideal Valentine’s Day is pretty basic: having some wine at home, exchanging cards and a small gift (like chocolates, macrons, or other sweets), then heading out for dinner and champagne. This year, D and I will be in NYC – our dinner reservations are booked, and it will be so fun to be in a different city and on vacation. That’s a perfect Valentine’s Day if you ask me and I can’t wait. If you don’t quite have a weekend away in New York to look forward to, I’ve included a few ideas below that might inspire you and help you figure out what to do for that special someone:


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