Karine’s Top 5: Hair Products

If you know me, you know that I have really thick, curly Italian hair.  When I was 13, I thought I was cursed – how could I possibly manage this mane? Would humidity be my enemy forever? Through trial and error and a couple of colossal failures, I got there and at this early thirties stage of my life, I can confidently say I’ve got this hair thing down.  I get asked all the time how I do my hair and what my secrets are.  Here they are, in a nutshell. My top 5 favorite, can’t-live-without hair products.

Top 5 Hair

1.) Shu Uemara Essence Absolue.  Their website describes it as a nourishing hair oil but I like to call it a magic serum.  This is the best serum/oil I’ve ever tried.  It won’t weigh your hair down or make it feel oily at all.  Just soft, luxurious, and shiny.  Add to damp clean hair before drying.  You will fall in love with it and not know how you lived without it for so long.  If you’re in Vancouver, you can find it at Holts and Suki’s salons.

2.) Living Proof Prime Style Extender.  Take that, humidity! I love using this when there’s moisture in the air.  It keeps my hair in line and less frizzy for not only the day I wash my hair, but the day after (or after that too).  This product is also added to clean damp hair before styling.  Use on its own or with other pre-styling products that you like.  Fact: the Living Proof line was started by Jennifer Aniston’s hair stylist and she is a co-owner of the brand.  Get it at Sephora.

3.)  T3 SinglePass Whirl.  My secret hair styling weapon.  This amazing curling wand will leave you with loose waves that have your friends asking: how did you do that?! I bought it on a whim.  My old curling iron broke after years of abuse and I needed something new to add a bit of wave to my hair.  Not entirely sold on the idea of replacing the curling iron with another (there’s always the risk of looking more like Little Bo Peep than a Victoria’s Secret model) I was open to trying something new when I saw this at Sephora.  The box promised me “sensual waves” so I bought it.  I now jokingly (seriously?) call this look my “sensual waves” look.  Use on already dry, smooth hair.  Best on the day after you’ve washed it.  Divide hair into sections and wrap each piece around the wand and hold for about 10 seconds.  After, spray with a light to medium hair spray.  The waves do fall out a bit as time passes, giving you flowy sensual waves.

4.) Morocconoil Luminous Hairspray Medium.  Up until trying this spray, I have not had a good relationship with hair spray.  Then I tried this and I love it! It’s not sticky, it holds without shellacking your hair into a helmet and it smells pretty.  Spray after styling and before leaving the house.  You can buy this wherever you can find Morocconoil products, which feels like everywhere these days.

5.) Kerastasse Powder Buff.  The best dry shampoo I’ve tried to date.  It smells good and works well for brunettes, which is rare in the world of dry shampoo.  Sprays on like a hair spray, so it’s quick and convenient.  Spray into your roots on Day 2, 3, or ahem, 4, after you last washed your hair and work in with your fingers.  Caution: don’t spray too much on or you’ll look like you’re wearing a grey wig. And if you have a long day ahead of you and are applying it before you leave the house in the morning, check at about 6pm because it may start to flake a bit (not a deal breaker, just brush it out in front of a mirror and carry on).  You can find it at any salon that carries Kerastasse products.  I pick mine up at Suki’s.

Hope that helps!



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